A la Carte Items

Thinly sliced Ham served either hot or cold
$5.50 - $6.00 LB

Smoked Kielbasa
$5.50 LB

Handcrafted Meatballs of seasoned Beef served with
your choice of Marinara Sauce or Gravy

$5.50 LB

Sausage with Peppers
Spicy Italian Sausage served with Sweet Peppers
$6.00 LB

Baked Ziti
Hearty Meat Sauce topped with a blend of Cheeses and served over Ziti Pasta
$5.00 LB

Roast Turkey
$8.00 LB

Roast Beef
Top round choice Roast Beef with savory Mushrooms and Gravy
$8.00 LB

Fried Chicken
$1.10 PIECE

Chicken Fingers
Lightly breaded and seasoned Chicken Strips
$0.75 PIECE

Barbecue Chicken
Chicken Breast smothered in our homemade smoked Barbecue Sauce
$1.10 PIECE

Chicken Romano
Oven Baked Chicken Breast sautéed with fresh Tomatoes
and Mushrooms, served in a Sauce over Fettuccini

$1.10 PIECE

Stuffed Cabbage
Pre-cooked Cabbage Leaves stuffed with a delicious Ground Meat and Rice mixture and seasoned to perfection
$1.25 PIECE

Stuffed Chicken Breast
Tender Chicken Breast filled with a delicious stuffing
$1.35 PIECE

Chicken Francaise
Boneless Chicken Breast lightly dipped in Flour and Egg
and sautéed in a White Lemon Butter Sauce

$1.75 PIECE

Chicken Scampi
$1.35 PIECE

Chicken in Wine Sauce
Tender Chicken Breasts lightly sautéed with fresh Mushrooms and topped with a delicious White Wine Sauce
$1.35 PIECE

Potato Salad...$2.95 per lb.
Cole Slaw...$2.95 per lb.
Baked Beans...$2.95 per lb.
Macaroni Salad...$2.95 per lb.
Pasta Salad...$2.95 per lb.
Scalloped Potatoes...$1.25 per person
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy...$1.25 per person

Pineapple Squares....$25.00 Whole/$15.00 Half
Assorted Freshly Baked Danish....$1.00 Piece
Italian Rolls with Butter....$4.50 Dz

We are more then happy to supply you with Paper and Plastic Ware, including plates,
cups, napkins, forks, knives and spoons, at an additional cost; along with a set of
Chaffing Dishes that will keep your food warm for the entire length of your event.